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Love. Beauty. Celebration. It would be my honor to be there on your special day to capture the big moments and the candid ones. I truly care about my couples and am there to preserve special memories, but also to love, support, encourage, and celebrate with you!

Once upon at time, you were the little girl who played dress up in her mommy's closet. You officiated Ken and Barbie's wedding hundreds of times. Now you begin another "Once upon a time . . . ". You planned, prepared and prayed. That date that was once so far off on your calendar is getting closer. The day is almost here. It will be filled with big moments . . . and the smallest, but oh, so special details. All those who love you both will be there to celebrate, laugh, and share a few tears of joy. The dress! And the look in his eyes as he finally sees you in it for the first time. Your wedding day is a story that unfolds as the threads of love, joy, beauty, and anticipation flow throughout. I will tell this once-in-a-lifetime, beginning of your new once-upon-a-time story, in photographs. This day is so completely filled with "special" that it is not possible to take it all in and remember everything. I will capture all those moments that would normally fade over time, but through pictures, will forever be a part of your story. In the time leading up to your wedding, I will get to know you, because I want to be more than a stranger behind a camera on that day. I want to be another friend there sharing love, support and encouragement as you enter a covenant that begins the beautiful "rest of your story".

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