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            Our Philosophy and What You Can Expect


Choosing the right photographer is an important decision. This will, after all, be the person who is capturing once in a lifetime milestone events, the personalities of those you love, and the memories that will be on display in your home for years. As far as hiring a professional, a photographer, by nature, tends  become a more personal relationship. We are, after all, there at weddings (the tears come for us, too, during the father/daughter dance!). A wedding is one of those special places where you can actually feel the love in the room, between the couple and from all those there to celebrate with them and we love love! For senior portraits, having celebrated the accomplishments with two seniors of our own and one to go, we know the significance of the senior year for both the senior and the parents. Our goal is to make the senior picture part of this time a stand-out event among the many other exciting events that occur during the year. We love our seniors and keep track of them as they move on to their next exciting stage in life! And, of course, babies. Whether it's maternity, first 48, newborn, first year milestones, or birthdays beyond, we LOVE babies and children! Having spent years involved in children's ministry through our church and as a piano teacher to many precious students for years before going professional with photography, children touch our hearts and are a joy for us to be around. Put simply, when you become a Julie Lee Photography client, throughout the process and by the intimate nature of portrait photography, to us, you become a friend.


There are several things to consider in finding the right photographer. Primarily, do you like their work and their style? Other factors to include are price, their process for planning and completing a portrait session, and, whether this is someone you like and feel comfortable around. At Julie Lee Photography, we guide you through the entire process of having portraits made. We are there to help you plan all the details from what to what wear, bring, and expect. We are also able to  assist in finding the perfect location, if you would like. Most people are not overly-comfortable in front of the camera. We specialize in putting you at ease by creating a fun and memorable experience for your portrait session that you will actually enjoy! After your session, we take time and great care with each image that goes into your gallery. The philosophy behind our editing process is to see every image as a work of art, as if it were the only image you would be receiving. Through our creativity and attention to detail, you receive a gallery that we are proud to present that has been created with a standard of excellence. When your gallery is ready, we set an appointment for your Image Reveal and assist you in the process of placing a custom order so that you receive exactly what it is that you would like to have. After your order comes in, we are still here to answer questions and help in any way. We keep your images backed up and on file for ten years. We strive for the highest possible quality in both product and experience and to make relationships with our clients that we will have for years.

We strongly encourage you to make an in-person introductory appointment with us. This gives you the opportunity to meet us, see our products and prices,  find out all the details of a portrait experience, and ask any questions you may have. Our session fee is $150 for all types of portrait sessions. We offer three wedding packages, as well. For portrait sessions (and depending on the type of session), people will spend, on average, between $500 and $1500, including the session fee. We specialize in creating beautiful, artistic, heir-loom quality products for you to treasure for years to come.  Please call, text, or message us to make an appointment, because when you know exactly what to expect, it gives you confidence in comparing us with other photographers and deciding whether we are the right fit for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -- Julie and Matt Lee