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A photograph captures a special moment, recalling the details that fade over time and an emotion that is forever linked to that moment.

We provide not just a photo session, but an experience. The memory you attach to a picture should be special, filled with laughter, love, and a time worthy of remembering.

We believe that the genuine love for people and passion for what we do that's found behind our cameras is essential to capturing, efffectively and with depth, what happens in front of them.

About Me

Hello! My name is Julie and I am delighted that you stopped by! I'd like to introduce you to myself and my family. My husband, Matt, and our two daughters, Maddy and Grace, are a family of photographers and musicians.  We are active in our church's worship band and love spending time together camping and, when opportunity allows, traveling. Both of the girls swim and we've spent a big part of the past nine summers going to swim meets. I love dogs and guinea pigs (we have three dogs that are sweet, and often, really funny), sunsets, puzzles, and a really good book. I believe that little things done in love will always have a big impact, that putting others first is its own reward, and that the world is a better place with glitter in it. We are a family that follows Jesus and, as such, believe that love is the world's most valuable resource. I also believe that photography is an incredibly expressive and exquisite form of art. You will always see me behind the camera at your session and, often, one or more members of the family, as well! When you do, know that we are thrilled to share this time with you, doing what we love with an attitude of excellence and giving you something valuable, beautiful and meaningful to hold onto for years to come!

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2 Remington Drive

Monett  MO